Jim Carrey


Actor Jim Carrey!

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1924 days ago


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Veroniquehh 1427 days ago

you are a surgeon deep down

zzzMuMu 1777 days ago

aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...it hurts!

LuXeZhiTa 1810 days ago

jajjaa, si que haces?
eres demasiado divino jim...
jajjaa, if you do?
jim're too divine

joe_potatoe 1813 days ago

active and creative art gallery, where you pick these cutters and cut away stuff you think looks wierd, thereby participating in the creation of the art... ummm why not

shellywellie72 1836 days ago

Hi Jim : ) will you be my first follower? I have something funny to tell you. :D

thelammy77 1844 days ago

U have the prettiest thumb I have ever seen... =^]

gailbunni 1853 days ago

Again Birdygirl67 thanks for your caring concern and 411! This has been helpful!

Birdygirl67 1854 days ago

You want him back on line contact his agent Jimmy Millar at Mosaic Media tel no LA 310-786-4900 lets get the calls flowing people. If enough people call then they have to get him back for us

Valdsoon 1865 days ago

Não entendí nada mas tudo bem!

Lopebeat 1869 days ago

wow! this what is it?

wesleyraymond 1873 days ago

Here comes the CLAW, it's gonna get you! ( Plier, Plier ) i mean Liar Liar! Uk.

diavolul13 1876 days ago

Be careful not to explode

claudinhaostan 1880 days ago

Uma questão ;Estará cortando,puxando ou amarrando?Ficou muito bom os detalhes do alicate.

Mouwze 1886 days ago

Trick of the eye. Superb painting. Gill.Wales. UK

gailbunni 1886 days ago

Jimmy James, Jimmy James, come out wherever you are...whats happening!

CrisPartica 1889 days ago

wow ... that's contemporary art....hehehehe

Saleire 1900 days ago

Don't you just love the sound pliers make when it snaps the wire.....very crisp!

msjorjan 1905 days ago

Looks like the "Cable Guy" has struck again!

1dekal 1907 days ago

hohohohoh great

fanniJ_sweet 1909 days ago

wahh ...!!! great:D