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2950 days ago


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MySandyRomance 2665 days ago

ha he really does look like a stuffed animal! lol mayube because of his paws!

kaysaybitch 2672 days ago

id name him gumppy!

alice_sofie 2742 days ago

manoo, q coisinha fofa*-----* da vontade de morder asuhasuhuasuhas XP

KatTheVocalist 2860 days ago

could she/he be any tinier?

telltheking 2860 days ago

haha aw

KatiexKatt 2860 days ago

awww. Link looks like a stuffed toy

Tangerine6277 2860 days ago

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i'm in love! so adorable!!!

ItTakesMore 2902 days ago

So cute! :D

LortayLove 2931 days ago

so cute, can i keep him? (and his owner hahaha)

HiyaJazZiE 2931 days ago

awww link is so cute

desireeutility 2935 days ago

ahh dann =] you so are so cute he/she has your eyes hehe =]

xxthornxx 2939 days ago

Nawww it's soo cute!!! :D *steals from dan and runs away* hehehehehe

uolover777 2940 days ago

Looks it fake??

stacie_spastic 2942 days ago

cute omg...hes so tiny :D

ohchristina 2947 days ago

gimmie. now.

LortayLove 2948 days ago

thats cute and disturbing all at the same time lol

mace_rock 2949 days ago

rotties are badAYASS. itll castrate ur enemies no prob.

quidditchballs 2949 days ago

you have something on your face

teaverde_ 2949 days ago


JennyJennJenn 2949 days ago

N'AAAAWWW!!! If I wasn't allergic I'd want a clone of that lovely little creature. The puppy, not Dan.