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I made some more purple monsters.

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2341 days ago

I made some more purple monsters.


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AqworldzSaenten 2286 days ago

I have dark crystal shard, tainted gem, and tainted claymore!!

GaleWarrior 2296 days ago

Did you design Kimberly? Because If you did then you did make all the chaos lords so far. lol

imxfallenx2 2305 days ago

ihave unefide30 and 33

Brian556AQW 2311 days ago

Nice picture, hopefully I'll be able to get the drop... xD

InsanelyAwful 2313 days ago

Hey Miltonius.
I don't suppose it would be possible to make the drop version of Discordia's armor float like he does, would it? :P
Definitely worked well enough with Undead Mage. >.>;

MadamLofty_AE 2330 days ago

Love the rose! Perfection

tomixbr 2333 days ago

LOL see this; http://twitpic.com/1trjxu =D

veneeria 2335 days ago

love masks! specially this chaos lord mask! I must admit that i love how the current chaos lord looks

Teann64 2336 days ago

http://twitpic.com/1suu1o - OMG love the look....plz do more...finally someone who cares what the girls look like...
11 minutes ago via Twitpic

Quint_thayer 2337 days ago

if u look really closely at faust its been modified but i extremely sure thats what it is

McShmoopie 2338 days ago

I'm not seeing any Dark Zeno here, 8|

Quint_thayer 2338 days ago

you also reused dark zenobyte

monehbags 2339 days ago

Really well done :)

TheMusicanAQW 2339 days ago

right monster*

TheMusicanAQW 2339 days ago

heh I never imagin wat the right is the new chaos lord XD

cobraviper43 2339 days ago

The other armor you used was Esherion's?

Bakura_Nebulae 2340 days ago

Well, you had a 50/50 chance ... not exactly hard. Like finding a needle in a haystack.

BigSky900 2340 days ago

I cant believe I took a wild guess and got the Chaos lord right xD (I guessed the one on the right was the Chaos lord :P)

MrKirbyXIII 2340 days ago

That's because it is. Miltonius said he had made the Evil armor and he often takes old stuff to make new ones. =)

MM_AQW 2340 days ago

@ warty14 : That armor looks like a greater version of the armor in the evil rep shop.