Eun Hyuk


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1579 days ago


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tangkvar_suju 707 days ago

Sexy ไปไหนอ่ะ

MAX_GUITAR1120 707 days ago

อวดหน้าอกเหรอ?? (' ' )

LookNoo94712 708 days ago


feliy_yowi 733 days ago

Ur body so sexyyyy (۳ ˚Д˚)۳

rawrBrittny 1226 days ago

omo omo...oppa you have the hottest arm muscles EVER!!!!! who wouldnt love to be held by those <3

vha_saphhirELF 1263 days ago

Ur lips,, make me melting !! ><

Nomsicles 1275 days ago

thats amazing..

0oSuperMeMeo0 1377 days ago

OMG ~~

So Sexy ♥

I Like IT ♥

Yuzuki_13 1418 days ago

......... *speechless* @~@

DearShuQian 1466 days ago

Oh My God!!!

lmfaoroflsvm 1487 days ago

i see man boobs... yummmm

hyahLee 1491 days ago

here's another one!!! hahahah

MoshakSah 1497 days ago

Oppa In This Life I Can't See YouT^T Promise Me You Will Come To Me In Another Life I Love You!❤

c_aom911111 1524 days ago

=_= อุยยย นม!

luvprincessrock 1537 days ago

i can see you oppa~~♥

DongHae_Biased 1538 days ago

waaaah . so HOT ! Be healthy ! ♥

celsa786 1555 days ago


glinkkiehyukkie 1560 days ago

so,so, HOT.. my jewel!!

2BittenKitten 1560 days ago

Nah you'll probably still be an anchovy.

rulcha 1561 days ago

wht ?????