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Cover of us! Wow

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2432 days ago

Cover of us! Wow


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jillejo 2425 days ago

Your picture and the world meltdown! HAHAHA!

stephyboo18 2425 days ago

damn everyone is so mean. love you kelly!

ashleygirl31 2429 days ago

btw, thanks for "informing" me that your on the "Cover" of Us Weekly.....exactly where are you??? lol! (fyi - ur not on the cover, its Kim & LC dummy) Time to un-follow this hobag

jennyveiga 2431 days ago

It seems that both you, and brett are "IGNORING DOCTORS'... just for different reason.

nik62 2431 days ago truly are so delusional...HAHAHAHA

ksf77 2431 days ago

Bethenny was right-Kelly sees things in the opposite manner that they actually happen..hence why she finds this magazine cover flattering--in reality people pity her 'cause she is nuts!

AnimalLover43 2432 days ago

Seriously, you find this flattering? coco puffs

RitaFarbulous 2432 days ago

aww u should b so proud, i think ur parents r in town for a reason tonight

_StephanieLeigh 2432 days ago

ditto what velvetschotch said. note the word "meltdown" right beside your head.

TrillianAstrid 2432 days ago

There is no god, they are all Sumerian myths. Women were not created last

JosephLymanOros 2432 days ago

God's greatest and most beautiful creation, women, He saved the best for last!

VelvetScotch 2432 days ago

You're demented and sick in the head. The only reason you're on the TOP 1/2 inch of cover is because you're NUTS