nathan followill


I'm a drummer, lover, smoker, drinker and a thinker.

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1518 days ago


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puprocker5 1512 days ago

Good 1 coz you got me fooled! I thought it was 1 of your #brothers making fun of themselves...

QueenOfFunland 1516 days ago

I trying to think of an edgy beach song with horns... *head scratch* Ground breaking, id say ;)

Angelflyn2low 1517 days ago

Who the f is that?

Shary_S 1517 days ago

I thought his sax was on fire!!

Oscillatin 1517 days ago

Horn away :)

gemohara 1518 days ago

ppffftt!!!! got us all exited then you crank :P x

Denisse_credi 1518 days ago

nathan i'm thinking you really enjoy torturing us!!! i'm dying to hear some new material!!! i bet is gonna be pure awesomeness!

KOLRockNRule 1518 days ago

Think you'll sing lead in one of the songs ie bass player of The Cars, Benjamin Orr & Drive???

OopsADaisy94 1518 days ago

Can't wait to hear what y'all are cooking up in the studio. Looks to be good!

KOLRockNRule 1518 days ago

Looks like Liam O'neil from The Stills to me...

dnz87 1518 days ago


Amitolanes 1518 days ago

Horns in the new album??!!! Interesting... sample please?

Leti_KruKru 1518 days ago

Ohhhh brass!! Me likeeeeey!!!!

heymama_ 1518 days ago

He sure has a big one !!! Hahaha!

LAM1086 1518 days ago

holy shit. are you telling me there are horns on the next album?! such a tease! who knew!?

Ana_Smith 1518 days ago

I like the sound of that! :D

RazziMilk 1518 days ago

That's a guy who knows how to blow!!!