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This is seconds before Colin Farrell tried to stick his tongue down my throat.

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2226 days ago

This is seconds before Colin Farrell tried to stick his tongue down my throat.


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LetLoveRuleSR 1996 days ago

Is that a bulge?

ChasingLights_ 2140 days ago

wish i was you........

suddenlyReGi 2141 days ago

HAHAHA this is great xD

LizZ_Roke 2141 days ago

I'm jealous

milenadaumas 2183 days ago

hahahahahhaahhaha ur so lucky!

Shiny_shySLut_6 2207 days ago

Colin Farrell? why am i not surprised!

00jess_marie00 2225 days ago

Men, always wanting what they can't have, lol

Kirouki06 2225 days ago

=I lucky woman! i envy you!

ParaMCRlover93 2225 days ago

haha. lucky you :P

Me_Interrupted 2225 days ago

ahahahaha sooooooooo COOL!

Cali4naRizing 2225 days ago

he probably did that, cuz he knows he can't have you. ha. which in turn makes you irresistable. ha

Cali4naRizing 2225 days ago

so did he? ha. i bet he did. very awkward moment for you, wasn't it ellen. your not used to manlip

drangonfly3 2225 days ago

Lucky you

shangrilani 2226 days ago

Back off my man Ellen!! hahaha...I'm coming to get ya. Jk, Jk....

1MorganJohnson 2226 days ago

i thought she was going out with a lady? guess not but i really thought i saw on the news her and a modelish lady

Divyaa_M 2226 days ago

soooo suweeet! :)

ohjasminee 2226 days ago

So. Jealous.

hollywoodnc1 2226 days ago

Ellen...I thought that you liked Eddie Murphy???

ApostlesOfGaga 2226 days ago

you are one lucky lesbian

cookie_0777 2226 days ago

omg sooooo sweet !!!!love you ellen,,