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Hurley and Ben's Island Days #lostcomics

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1866 days ago

Hurley and Ben's Island Days #lostcomics


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leesaleva 1864 days ago

yay! These make me slightly less sad about it being over. I second putting them on your site

iamhewhoisiam 1864 days ago

this is stupid... everyone knows you put the lime in the coconut...

FileTwo 1865 days ago

This is absolutely brilliant. Why this animated series isn't on ABC's fall schedule is baffling.

Maiqu20 1865 days ago

loved it!!

myheartleapt 1865 days ago

Hahaha Hurley's face in panel #4!!!

davegooch 1866 days ago

Lost is over but Lost Comics live on!

mgrasso 1866 days ago

Man, Ben's such a go-getter. He used to murder more people before noon than Hurley could manage in an entire lifetime.

derbykid 1866 days ago

I love that Hurley doesn't even get up to throw it. Ah, to live the life of an Island bum...

TJWriter90 1866 days ago

I smell a spin-off....

jessieLa 1866 days ago

I love you and your comics

chill182 1866 days ago

Can you put all the Lost comics on your site sometime? It'll make it easier to read them all.

Ixcaliber 1866 days ago

Never stop doing Lost Comics. Please?