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Infamous Brit-Licker; also been known to hand out free puppies

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So, is my book at no 2 in the WH Smiths chart because of, or in spite of, where they put their stickers?

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1422 days ago

So, is my book at no 2 in the WH Smiths chart because of, or in spite of, where they put their stickers?


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LouiseTiniswood 1421 days ago

I'm guilty of both moving your book to eye level & moving the stickers off your face! :-p

alexbeauclair 1421 days ago

Unfortunate placement, depending on how you look at it (excuse the pun). It is a good read though!

love_violently 1422 days ago

lolz you were too much sexy for the public to handle! XD

DavidTennant4ev 1422 days ago

omg!!! it was "BUY 2 GET 1 FREE" in Birmingham!!! i feel done! :@

SallMuse 1422 days ago

they just couldn't handle that intense stare of yours, Dara ;)

Tabytha_Girl 1422 days ago

... more to the point - you went into a WHSmiths to take a photo of your own book, Dara? ;)

Shellybed 1422 days ago

haha have you upset any of the staff Dara?

patricktaylor3 1422 days ago

I hope you switched them to the number 1 slot before you left! Who was number 1 I wonder?

reetpeet 1422 days ago

The sticker applicant was probably 16, and didn't want to be there. I speak from retail experience!

reetpeet 1422 days ago

I loved the book! Yes I'm English, and it tickled me.

pottoka 1422 days ago

Oh My Lordy Potato. I say that was someone who read the book and didn't like it. Maybe it was an English who didn't like being tickled.
BTW: You look amazing. Wihout the sticker, I mean, obviously x)

hughiet 1422 days ago

Is it hiding your fragrance? Just peel it off, dab it on your cheeks and smell of Dara for a day!

raining_lotus 1422 days ago

Thank god for that sticker, the face behind it gives me nightmares sometimes.

DanRyyu 1422 days ago

Please tell me you walked up to the counter and commented, would have payed good money to see that

lleah_thomas 1422 days ago

great book Mr O'Briein, my boyfriend embarrassed me several times on holiday by laughing outrageously on an otherwise quiet beach whilst reading it. It helped that we are both Welsh :-)

Veeoh 1422 days ago

What first came to mind.... http://twitpic.com/1r89gy

Talkloads 1422 days ago

I hope you took the book, cover facing outwards, to the counter, and stood quietly in front of the assistant for some time with a questioning look on your face...

billybloke 1422 days ago

Yep, that's tickled me.

merryVW 1422 days ago

a precaution to protect you from English National Party retribution

32Red_Bingo 1422 days ago

Looking a bit moon-faced there, babe :/