Karl Rove


Former Deputy Chief of Staff to President George W. Bush, Author of Courage and Consequence: My Life as a Conservative in the Fight

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2884 days ago


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BrianFair 2875 days ago

Hey, how come they all have to wear suits and ties and you don't? No fair, Karl!

ImaMurkin 2881 days ago

"prescribedcandy"... You need a more clarifying prescription.

ImaMurkin 2881 days ago

Uruguaya61... They don't invite "fur-ners." Only their hired help has an accent.

ImaMurkin 2881 days ago

Stince... You look to be military age. Why are you here blogging and not in Iraq? Don't you believe in Karl and W? Or are you all talk and no action? Huh Stince? You gotta pair?

ImaMurkin 2882 days ago

Looks like you're all praying Congress stops their investigation.

stince 2884 days ago

Hey Karl, come on down to SMU and we can get a group together for lunch. Maybe you can invite W.

Chloe1732 2884 days ago

Cool. I take it the dress code was business farm casual!

CBoothWatson 2884 days ago

I was a GenX CR & we took ourselves more seriously than the party did...I hope these GenY'ers can influence real change especially regarding Social Media where the GOP lags. We need the voice of the CRs to take a leadership role on this front!

danielringdahl 2884 days ago

Very encouraging! What did you eat? Lots of belching lamb i hope.

Uruguaya61 2884 days ago

I'm impressed, wish I could have been there!

Chaos_Mistress 2884 days ago

They are so lucky! I wish I was there.

alex__ross 2884 days ago

The future of the right - ergo the future of the wrong.