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1927 days ago


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lyger0119 1894 days ago

SMASHING GUITARS its on my bucket list i want to smash a guitar

cowscansing 1902 days ago

haha epicness to the maximum

MMR04 1915 days ago

xD My dad relates to this somehow. He loves smashing things.

FabianKessner 1923 days ago


ShoxHD 1926 days ago

No don't do it! what did the guitar ever do to U? U jerk! LOL

HallanKB 1927 days ago

Some day i gonna do it for see how is xD

_AliceBrandonC_ 1927 days ago

hhahha lol thats reallt funny hes going to break it lol

iramgomez 1927 days ago

very nice i like your picture. I send a greeting from monterrey nuevo leon mexico bye

JFgutiere 1927 days ago

I have to admit, smashing a guitar is an incredible experience! By the way, Pete Townshed is awesome.

WafflesGoRawr 1927 days ago

haha So Cool! i Love It

JBTR_LautnerFan 1927 days ago

Classic! Me too!!!

KittenGirl34 1927 days ago

Ahh...Ahh..Ahh...Its gone! :(

MysticLove75 1927 days ago

Hahaha! Love this. XD Well, R.I.P. Guitar. D: Lol. Poor thing lmfao.

Chris0961 1927 days ago

YES!!!!!! classic!!

Gabriel_Angel92 1927 days ago

R.I.P Guitar lol

chrislange101 1927 days ago


mesadude 1927 days ago

No!! Don't do it...

chrislange101 1927 days ago

Pete Townshend was a crazy man...but an amazing guitarist

TravelerOfSpace 1927 days ago

Ooh no! That just breaks my heart
:( Guitars arent ment to be smashed!!!!!

hallukeween 1927 days ago