Patton Oswalt


Mr. Oswalt is a former wedding deejay from Northern Virginia.

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Yay Kollumbeeya!

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1424 days ago

Yay Kollumbeeya!


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CaliCowboy 1405 days ago

Dane Cook was Valedictorian?

OneEyedJedi 1423 days ago

Thank you to Pudding Osmond for his understanding and grace in this matter.

TheRealJFish 1424 days ago

Clearley P Ozwiz is tha reele jeanyiss heer.

debkatz 1424 days ago

How did this young man get his degree and not understand the dangers and consequences and ETHICS of plagiarism? Seriously!

vintagecynic 1424 days ago

Well got a brief, insincere tag on a YouTube video - the ultimate modern apology!

blakkkrabbit 1424 days ago

Who's to say his ass *isn't* like a tube of circus peanuts?

EmilyLVM 1424 days ago

I think Pattern Oswerld deserves an honorary degree from Columbia.

JaneRLeBlanc 1424 days ago

I love how they spelled your name correctly, and then fucked it up a few sentences later. :eyeroll:

AlexanderMaro 1424 days ago

I assume that the only reason he is Valedictorian is because he stole more of your work.

OneGoodMinute 1424 days ago

Are you talking about your soliloquy from Twilight?

- Ron Jacobs

rdpinder 1424 days ago

Verbatim, I must say, as if it had happened to himself.

bromagnon 1424 days ago

wow thats awesome! way to go natty shmishshmald!!!!

jeblucas 1424 days ago

Way to go, Justice Osbourne!

jeblucas 1424 days ago

Way to go, Justice Osbourne!

rdpinder 1424 days ago

, he ripped the "Physics for Poets" bit.

JimKoski1701 1424 days ago

Andrew Shue is ripping off Patton now?

likeluke 1424 days ago

Button Cosby

twinkiebeyond 1424 days ago

Who is Portent Osworm?

ElementalAmber 1424 days ago

Hmm. Well, congrats Mr. Oswald. :)

BishopAP 1424 days ago

Which bit did he rip off?