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My good friend Greg James from @jagfoundation sent me this pic. Taking off fish hoek beach in Cape Town. Uh...

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1708 days ago

My good friend Greg James from sent me this pic. Taking off fish hoek beach in Cape Town. Uh...


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yenrod 1692 days ago

You'd need a bloody good hook to catch that ;)

bataone 1701 days ago

Wow Beautiful Beach, But those people standing up on the shoreline,like the're goin to walk in the water is unsettlin

Enter_Laughing 1701 days ago

poor dolphins covered in oil I'll be right back.....

BounceBack303 1703 days ago

Nothing says *BeachTime* like a 20 foot Great White in da water:)

hoopster911 1707 days ago

Wait, is that Greg Norman?!!!

BrendanStoltz 1707 days ago

O and its a somewhat old photo from a season about 5years ago when the attacks on humans was high!

BrendanStoltz 1707 days ago

Its a greatwhite ! False bay coastline is known for greatwhites! Gansbaai is known as great white capital!

DanceUptheHills 1707 days ago

That is Floyd Landis looking for some innocent dude to attack!

Cora007xyz 1707 days ago

but that didnt look like a great white shark. Maybe an Ammenshark. They are not so dangerous. Or another sort.

Cora007xyz 1707 days ago

But we are in general much more dangerous and cruel to the sharks than they are to us when we think of Japanese fishers cutting their flukes of and thinking of all the big nets in the sea in which they drown having no chance. We must protect the sharks mo

Cora007xyz 1707 days ago

I have often watched Documentaries about animals my whole life long as mainhobby and know that there in southafrica is a mainroute where many sharks, also the great white ones life. I would not want to go bathing there although we normally are not their t

JohnnyRocker4U 1707 days ago

Ok, what is it exactly? Killer Whale or Hunormous Great White?

KiterPilot 1707 days ago

Crossing Fishhoek off my list of places to kite surf...

LarryBirdy 1707 days ago

That's just Contador testing his new TT-helmet for wet conditions.......

brianlinehan 1707 days ago

At least it would make me swim faster !!!

Kalibro44 1707 days ago

nice shoot of that gangsta!

dahlonega 1707 days ago

And you're going to do IM next year.. Stay in The Alps where it's safe!

Jacques_Barnard 1707 days ago

Dude... that makes me uneasy 'bout doing triathlons...

GordonGManning 1707 days ago

so the real question is what was the person on when taking the pic

myhandsinmotion 1708 days ago

holy moly!