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1864 days ago


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AkaTinaSmith 1828 days ago

How Preyshus LOL!!

mariaroachh 1845 days ago

awh! you guys have a good taste in baby stuffff(:

suzi18023 1850 days ago

cutest crib lol we cant wait either for the baby to come i wish it was me coming out cause u guys are the best family!!!:D

ambs_21 1850 days ago

TINYTARD! would you like to grow up and be called fetisetard? (: lol i dont think so!!! :D

ohheyitsbri 1851 days ago

tinytard! hehe

xxxannmariexxxx 1851 days ago

aaaww that is so cute

anchi_tangens 1853 days ago

aaaw this is so cute!! we're waiting for you tinytard! :)

ainsley333 1854 days ago

tinytard! I'm sooo excited for him to come already! I got a Twitter so that I could look on shays page because he said he would be updating when mommytard goes into labor! and all babies are tiny so he will be tiny at least at first.

blissfulbubbles 1855 days ago

what if the baby is like really big then how would u call it tinytard?

svirfnebli17 1856 days ago

Yes I vote for "Tinytard" too! : )

reneebc05 1856 days ago

I like the name's appropriate and babytard gets to keep her name as is. Super duper cute...way awsome crib and stuff too, ...I can't wait for the pix :)

mrfahad900 1856 days ago

So excited for you can't wait for Fetustard :-))))

hannah_lvs_yhoo 1856 days ago

ok if he isnt here by tommorow im steelin the crib and jumpin on in ther look so comfy

Kevbot4393 1857 days ago

oh and isnt it funny how we all thought she was pregnant, and theyre like shes not and now she is

Kevbot4393 1857 days ago

well you never kno, i wish her due date was april 3, ahh welll

Kevbot4393 1857 days ago

one wk left o my gosh cant wait dont have him till at least sunday plse not while im at hi-adventure

AnnaBieber21 1858 days ago

i hope that fetustard will be born tomorrow June 1.

Hanazakari86 1859 days ago

just come on tinytard ,,,and enjoy sleeping in your own crib !!!

Kevbot4393 1859 days ago

i think he is here,

iMillzy 1860 days ago

Fetustard just come already! :L