Big Baby Davis Lickel Doodle Doo - GIF

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2319 days ago

Big Baby Davis Lickel Doodle Doo - GIF


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red_looka_here 2319 days ago

Nigga top lip must be hella dry. haha.

Mackdhami 2319 days ago

Just when i was beginning to like his game... he gone done something stupid like this!!!

Stan_Jones14 2319 days ago

Guess he was tryin to do the Jordan tongue

ThisGoddzIlla 2319 days ago

I guess he was calling the Magic pussies and that's how he's gonna eat them... *shrugs*

Lamonsta23 2319 days ago

Whttttt they didn't feed him at pregame #probablyshud get fined for this

ST215 2319 days ago


KelleyGSWarrior 2319 days ago

#classic i wish i could print this out and put it on my wall in my room.

yeahdef 2319 days ago

i do this right before i dive into a mi casita taco

TheRealBK_ 2319 days ago

HAHAHA WTF is he doing?

ahmong 2319 days ago

If only I can print this GIF. I'd be a hit during halloween

MsExQuisite 2319 days ago

I just busted out laughing, LMFAO!!!

coopj11 2319 days ago

Maybe he was trying to make sure he didnmt have the yuck mouth (white stuff in corners) like Paul "I Fall Down" Pierce. lmbo

GlobalSpazz 2319 days ago

LMAO!! "Big Retard"

adub88888 2319 days ago


biggjuiccee 2319 days ago

He was looking like he could catch someting wit it! LOL

JustToBeNic_xo 2319 days ago

Ahaahaah looking exactly like spike from land before time..

edwithdabread 2319 days ago

lmao! wtf?!

edwithdabread 2319 days ago

lmao! wtf?!

BHBANKS 2319 days ago

fuck the mamba face.. im doin this in the club! #wordaapp

ThicK_RedbONe87 2319 days ago

Yeah, he can never ever ever ever Ever ever do that shit again..