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medical mystery monday. scan of the lumbar spine. any guesses?

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1892 days ago

medical mystery monday. scan of the lumbar spine. any guesses?


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docfan1 1814 days ago

severe disc degeneration with some herniation and stenosis. Ouch. mom has same thing.

kkkilcoyne 1826 days ago


prajdev 1875 days ago

limbus vertebra

minnesota42 1875 days ago

some anomaly-possibble spina bifida. would be more definitive is lower view

Habibasaurus 1881 days ago

Lumbar lordosis..?

dantuohey 1884 days ago

I see it, the patient is a merman! Half man/half fish, you can tell by the dorsal fin.

susansaddiction 1890 days ago

Scoliosis? Definitely a curvature of the lower lumbar

param_lowe 1891 days ago

clear indication of kyphosis of spine

ylp79 1891 days ago

lumbar disc herniation at L5: treatment: endoscopic cannula for removal of a herniated disc

hoyer34 1892 days ago

Old L1, L2 Compression Fx, with smorals node on superiour surface of T12, Osteoph. at L1 Ant. body. Could be an old seatbelt fx

astrachang 1892 days ago

CT,compression fx L1& L2, and something in the body of T9

jeopardy_089 1892 days ago

i want to know what wrong with this ^^

onewithoutme 1892 days ago

compression # L1 & L2 with a lesion probably cystic in the body of D9

onewithoutme 1892 days ago

compresion # of L1 & L2 with a lesion probably cystic in the D9 vetebral body

Shyladyirish 1892 days ago

ruptured disc/fracture @ L1-2 along with congenital deformity of spinal cord

Leaf33 1892 days ago

A severe form of spinal Bifida called Meningomyelocele where you have a fully exposed portion of the spinal cord and nerves?

4everyheart 1892 days ago

just a guess, but is this a foreign body due to an impalement?

SheilaDowningRN 1892 days ago

Looks like L1 Chance Fracture.

knowledge_eater 1892 days ago

Thats weird why Spinal cord is in front of Body of Vertebra !! Something Congenital misplaced

StephanieLeaHfx 1892 days ago

Compression fracture L1 and L2 - I hope they had a MRI also.