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Patrice O'Neal...this is what Anthony sees everytime he sees a man of color!

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2676 days ago

Patrice O'Neal...this is what Anthony sees everytime he sees a man of color!


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aholecop 2667 days ago

best o&a buddie of all time

trhilge 2670 days ago

Not-so-thin-diana Jones

drunkennegro 2670 days ago

Isn't that what we all see? I certainly do see prez. Barry.

BigJon9981 2673 days ago

is that biggie smalls

sllygoosekllr 2673 days ago

Patric provides the "other view" and check that hat, Thats a pimp son.

vonwolfgang0 2673 days ago

Patrice is his own worst enemy. Chris Rock to him so on the O&A show. Bill Burr has a great Monday morning podcast, is great. I download it every Monday. There's so many ways Patrice can improve hiself and his career. But, it seems Patrice is hell bent on

honkeylipps 2673 days ago

yall a bunch of haters he got my vote for pimp of the year

badmotherrucker 2674 days ago

Patrice rules! He needs to do another advice show.

MELMAC88 2674 days ago

yeah that was a good show, the porn star couple had him hanging

steelsores 2674 days ago

That porn star really took the wind out of his sail. Didn't think a woman could own him like that.

Crinklex2 2675 days ago

"You mind if we dance wif yo dates?"

uncabubba 2675 days ago

The "alleged" perpetrator? Geez those vertical stripes are gettin a workout.

cmimbri 2675 days ago

is that finch from wild cats

plateshoe 2675 days ago

hey where da white women at?

alexplawnmower 2675 days ago

nice hat reverse powder

Rhymists 2675 days ago

leave patrice alone he's preparing for a role in a film based on that black guy from 'The Biggest Loser'

trevorburk 2675 days ago

I thought bigie smalls was dead

Jeremyd1969 2675 days ago

This is the last thing I saw after I stiffed that hooker...

ShamrockTA 2675 days ago

Is that a circus tent he's wearing?

PORKYYORK 2675 days ago

I hope Blackberry makes a wide screen format so I can view this entire photo