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One of my favs...Patrice O'Neal. Tonight and tomorrow Bananna's, Hasbrouck Heights NJ

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1972 days ago

One of my favs...Patrice O'Neal. Tonight and tomorrow Bananna's, Hasbrouck Heights NJ


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trhilge 1966 days ago

Not-so-thin-diana Jones

superglide92a 1969 days ago

what would you call his cookie ?

superglide92a 1969 days ago

what did you say Patrice at Bananna's,,quick somebody call Rev Al..was that in the post

massmojo 1970 days ago

Look at Patrice feelin' the fedora! Always kills.

MELMAC88 1970 days ago

patrice rules

uncabubba 1971 days ago

Patrice is a pisser!

HeatherHeight 1971 days ago

That is a very nice picture. :)

krustykola 1971 days ago

Patrice is funny and has some interesting things to say. He had good point about black guys doing more jail time for selling drugs then white guys get for stealing peoples life savings.

Kyle_T 1971 days ago

lindsey i hope u get rapped by a black man that looks like patrice,
and id hope he would tape it so ic ould watch and..... LAF

naholmes 1972 days ago

I like it when Patrice is in. I appreciate his views.

trevorburk 1972 days ago

Man I thought I was a big fat ass but next to pattycakes I'm good

Jeremyd1969 1972 days ago

The man knows how to dress.

MissLindsey420 1972 days ago

trying to look pimp and in charge. failing miserably. just another black guy obsessed with his blackness and forcing it on others. this is why racism still exists. because patrice has to go around saying "i'm black! i'm black! white man holds me down! bla

Thebjork 1972 days ago

How many regular sized shirts could have been made from one of Patrice's 6-XXL monstrosities?

TaboriHK 1972 days ago

It's Chimp Pembry!

speedmetal 1972 days ago

Im going to see Patrice in Edmonton here on april 18th. Does Patrice stick around for photos after the show?

ShamrockTA 1972 days ago

Haaaa, he's playing at Banannas!

FinPonderous 1972 days ago

I thought the police killed that chimp who ate the lady? Oh wait...that't not...nevermind.

JimiJamm 1972 days ago

Patrice is smoove!