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Ant's under the weather today.I think the Obama flu finally got him.

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2375 days ago

Ant's under the weather today.I think the Obama flu finally got him.


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linda623 2357 days ago

When you inhale, your stomach is suppose to go in...hmmm. Love you Anthony no matter how fat and old you get

linda623 2366 days ago

I think Anthony needs to make an appointment to see Dr. House.

leviathan860 2366 days ago

You look like Dr. House if he had a fat belly.

aholecop 2366 days ago

great........just great

christhetrucker 2367 days ago

for all the beer he drinks he should look like the old bob kelly

LaraD2mRdr 2368 days ago

Anthony is sexy to me no matter what. You look good Ant!

billtoto 2368 days ago

Ha! Ant is a fatty now. HE HE. No I love you. LINGER LONGER!!

sadiexoxo 2368 days ago

Poor Ant. How could anybody call him fat? He got the same little bit of belly fat most men that age have. Love u Ant! :)

BHite15 2368 days ago

Lady Trucker and Anthony Cumia seemed destined to be a power couple

Sharks_ 2368 days ago

look at it this way Ant, at least you know it wasn't AIDS.

steelcitymetal 2368 days ago

lady trucker, let's see your bingo wings

drunkennegro 2370 days ago

The SS would never accept you with a gut like that SOLDIER!!!!

amber_eyes213 2372 days ago

i still love him

honkeylipps 2373 days ago

lay off the blow bro that is so 80s

Freakabilly 2373 days ago

God Ant is lookin so old.

badmotherrucker 2373 days ago

Lady trucker calling Ant fat? Ant needs to cut back on carbs, LT needs lipo from a wet vac.

dodisman 2375 days ago

bob gets skinny. ant gets fat.

Brooksi 2375 days ago

Feel better, Anthony.

BHite15 2375 days ago

quite the belly ponch he is gaining

BrianHanscom 2375 days ago

thinking he's faking it so he can work from home... never leave the house