Eun Hyuk


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1511 days ago


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hyukjaeinboxer 480 days ago

e___________é -muere de celos-

feliy_yowi 659 days ago

(•°o°•) Yoona & Hyukie cute poseeeeeee!!!

jewel0925 967 days ago

^^윤아씨 예뻐~은혁씨 너무 멋있다~~★★四巡大發★★

meomiucute 976 days ago

I don't like it

hyukGD 984 days ago

when u're next to a girl, u're prettier than her

AllRiiseSillver 1039 days ago

oh! hợp đôi quá :x Yoona xinh, Eunhyuk quá đẹp trai

bubbuble 1052 days ago

ekkksssssss JEOULES but its oke.. more suitable in comparison with all the people who comment here.

YoungMi54 1126 days ago

yah yah! stop spamming unnie she is beautiful and not a slut so shut up hyung is also very handsome so if you wanna praise praise the both of them not just one arasso?

DARA930713 1300 days ago

Oh my favorite oppa with one of my favorite eonnis ^^

0oSuperMeMeo0 1303 days ago

CuTe Oppa ♥

soubida96 1342 days ago

OMG it's a hot guy with a plastic slut .. !! :O

Yuzuki_13 1344 days ago

Oooh~ so cute~ o^-^o

pcarbee 1364 days ago

i m so jealous

RiemIsNuebe 1373 days ago

i wish that i was on that girl's place....

hoanghagiang29 1381 days ago

you are plastic and slicon girl

key_nk 1396 days ago

You are prettier than her.

haiyen_1998 1407 days ago


sjhj1214 1421 days ago

앗? 오빠 소원이에요??? ㅋㅋㅋ 어떻게 이럴수가 있어요!! 엘프짱팬이라면서요!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 갈아탄거에요?? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 아 둘다 너무 훈훈한듯 ^^

unique_angels09 1430 days ago

ughh i hate yoona:( saranghae eunhyuk oppa:))

khaiyinn1016 1433 days ago

귀여워 귀여워 귀여워! 하지만, 난 그녀를 질투 해요!