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My album Lazarus and new single 'Need You' are out now on Decaydance / Fueled By Ramen!

Fields of Gold(green),God,I love Denver. I wasn't lying in "7 Weeks"!!

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2199 days ago

Fields of Gold(green),God,I love Denver. I wasn't lying in "7 Weeks"!!


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JessAmsterdamn 2059 days ago

NICE Travie NICE.. :)

AniKurutz 2157 days ago

*jawdrop* you gave a car to someone in the video with bruno LMAO all i need is this! Lol

Chelsea_Vicious 2182 days ago

Of course, thats how we do it in the 303! ;]

VanessaSky24 2187 days ago

LOL Travie is mad hot! =P That's my boy

alexanderlauren 2188 days ago

we need to smoke that chicago kush!

Malicious031 2190 days ago

lol tisk tisk

tuerSonnyVI 2190 days ago

maaan! LEFT HAND GIVE IT UP >:O lmao.

TrinityTheDark 2193 days ago

Hell yeah!! Pass me the dutchie with ya left hand!!!!

BRASSROSE 2193 days ago

omg. i'm in love.

JBCaliBred 2193 days ago


ElektricEyes 2194 days ago

daaaayum pass some of that over here :P

loveNadiaa 2197 days ago


ScarletReyn 2197 days ago

DAMN trav, sharing is caring, that would be the second heaven to u handsful and all

andzdarrel 2198 days ago


Tat2Music02 2198 days ago

How much fo a couple dem stix homie???

DirtySoufYankee 2198 days ago


o_LoveMeFirst 2198 days ago

hahaha! i'll help you=) #WEEDallDayEveryday

kandigoth 2198 days ago

what a beautiful thing... delicious

THeCannacouple 2198 days ago