Joe Arpaio


Sheriff of Maricopa County Arizona

I want the public to call 1-800-4SONORA & demand to know the meaning of this ad that was in the AZ Republic today

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2195 days ago

I want the public to call 1-800-4SONORA & demand to know the meaning of this ad that was in the AZ Republic today


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gordohouston 2128 days ago


irregularjoe 2175 days ago

Hey Joe. Where's the photo of you and the neo nazis? We want to see!

HispanicInAZ 2186 days ago

Nice.. And you wonder why people may "profile" hispanics and in general want all of them out. Because of idiots like you, that put shame on an entire race. If you damn Mexicans want to be treated with respect, why don't you try acting respectful. You a

SammGOESHamm 2187 days ago

than support anything you stand for!

SammGOESHamm 2187 days ago

Arpaio, GO FUCK YOURSELF! Mexican's aren't going ANYWHERE! You will be put to rest before Mexican's are ever stopped! You need to slow your ass down b/c what you are doing is pure evil & hate. You're a sick sick man, and I would rather drink Mexian piss t

ilevaradero 2188 days ago

Shameful - sounds like typical latin marxists - intimidate to get your way- doesn't surprize me- seems the Mexican govt & media love the scare tactic - even in tourism advertisement - well, Mexico's off my travel plans .....I support AZ's brave stand to r

CrooklynMayo 2190 days ago

The ones that have the biggest issue w/ this ad seem 2 be white & have no idea how racism feels

ChadHorn 2191 days ago

I *LOVE* it! Arizona Republic, thanks for running this ad! You have my subscription!

diverdan00 2191 days ago

USA has done more for human liberty than any nation. Arizona will continue to be a part of that

diverdan00 2191 days ago

The ad just capitalizes on the self indulgent, high-school antics of the people who cry 'racism'

skarloss 2191 days ago

THIS is how nazi germany started, hopefully this time someone puts an end before it starts.

skarloss 2191 days ago

hey sheriff! you don't have to go to mexico to feel threatened, come to california and see what happens to scumbags like you.
I hope you get what you deserve.

BadgB1 2191 days ago

the far bigger problem is the ones who are here to destroy all infidels

phdog 2191 days ago

Very poor taste by the Mexican Tourism Board and the Arizona Republic for running it.

SupriyaI 2191 days ago

Can you imagine if Arizona ran an add of a camoflauged American looking for Mexicans like this? People would be screaming "racism" until the Second Coming. >.> Boycott Mexico.

diverdan00 2192 days ago

Not necessary, Sonora. Arizonians will leave Sonora and return to their homes after vacations ;)

___liiiii 2192 days ago

LOL !!!

paxaeternam 2192 days ago

OK guys from the outside lookin in I think this is hilarious. Shades of 1950's hysteria.

billpr53 2193 days ago

I say "bring it on", amigos #molonlabe #tcot #nra #rkba

borgboy 2193 days ago

One can be for secure borders, and still appreciate a dose of good 'ol black humor. I got a good chcuckle from the ad! borgboy from Tucson sez: "Let's not lose our sense of humor."