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In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. I was also born.

Waterworld is up and running. Here's me driving the corvette simulator game. If you can beat me you can meet me.

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2473 days ago

Waterworld is up and running. Here's me driving the corvette simulator game. If you can beat me you can meet me.


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stainkowv 2468 days ago

this is awesome! i cant wait to try this out in indianapolis!!!

Karin923 2472 days ago

Very cool to have these! We'll be at the show tonight in Bristow. My kids are really looking forward to playing the simulator games......and seeing you too! :)

mvlvscofe 2472 days ago

We did the boat, very nice touches to add to the tour. Great people working them too!

LittleSophia 2472 days ago

so do i get a shot when i come to the show tomorrow? I'm so down! tell me where!

PamelaheavenWV 2472 days ago

AW come on now U gotta let me this WV Grandma beat U I mean after all........

mroberts05 2472 days ago

please do this tour in TN, GA, or Alabama so I can try out this Waterworld thing!

denverbr1 2472 days ago

Got ya! I have met you in the Clear View Mirror! Silly! I also would love to meet and greet you in Albuquerque, can't wait for the awesome show!

countrylove7 2472 days ago

you're on! i hope you suck cuz i reeeaaaally wanna meet you haha!

IvanHBIntTweets 2473 days ago

Actually I already did it !! I can see u on my (italian)Ferrari mirror :) ."Accelera Brad" Ciao

nikkis120 2473 days ago

Oh wow now that would really be kool, promise I live in Calgary, Alberta btw are u coming soon???

J1MMYCOLL1NS 2473 days ago

I would hsve to stop & put it in reverse & try to reverse my score to allow you to catch me.

CAMPFIRESKY2 2473 days ago

Actually, I've already met you...when no one knew your name...Dutchess County Fair NY.

Meganlawing 2473 days ago

I will try my derndest to beat ya! I just don't know where it is??

shauna112 2473 days ago

looking forward to tomorrow night in Bristow!

Slippergirl2U 2473 days ago

Your on! I drive just like that! Left hand on the wheel ,right hand on the shifter...I'm doin' the 2 fingers like Ben Stiller in "Meet the Parents" to the light scene ...Lol!!!;)

slimboo1 2473 days ago

I concede your the best....... LOL

teribeth72 2473 days ago

My 6 year old is mastering Mario-Kart Wii - Look out!!!

Csi780 2473 days ago

Hi Brad I can beat you.

Cantrell_Amanda 2473 days ago

That's cool!! I can't wait for June 4, 5, & 6!!!