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Here is where we are... Kinda like The Shining

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2538 days ago

Here is where we are... Kinda like The Shining


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dddthibodeaux 2537 days ago

mah, ya need to come down to South Louisiana for ya next vacay bruh

Jambey 2538 days ago

road trips can be really fun - hope it went smooth - it must be freezin'! Beautiful I bet - haven't been there yet

brknboysoldier 2538 days ago

do u know how to ski Dave? Come to the East Bay soon.

lotusdesigns 2538 days ago

I live about 4 hours from aspen :)but it's warmer where I am lol

beut1 2538 days ago

Beautiful and desolate.

julzie8868 2538 days ago

u can tour the location... its kinda creepy but cool

julzie8868 2538 days ago

the shining was filmed in Co. but a ways away from where u are... but a beautiful sight to see

rachelkalb 2538 days ago

I love the little bit of sunlight hitting the clouds.

Sassy_CC 2538 days ago

Is there any yellow snow lol

Golden_tooth 2538 days ago

Are you taking requests? I want to see you making a snow angel.

RawJudita 2538 days ago

What's all that white stuff?

divisionary 2538 days ago

"Wendy.. darling.. light, of my life!"
god i love that movie!

Ambersonian 2538 days ago

pretty!! (I've been to the lodge where they filmed The Shining up in Oregon...creeeepy!)

disciplinecc 2538 days ago

Just don't let any crazy people chase you around and try to kill you.