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jewel0925 1542 days ago

Morning dear jewel boy~I was attracted to your dance moves indeed in"BONAMANA"MV and became ELF^^

candy021293 1589 days ago

ngày xưa nhiều ảnh tự sg thế mà....

fariedakim 1662 days ago


vha_saphhirELF 1763 days ago


x3ChOcoHoLiC 1764 days ago

Omo!! thy're glowing >.< EUNHAE FTW ^^---- my prince charmings :D

goldfish1527 1841 days ago

soo cute :">

missrehae 1877 days ago


0oSuperMeMeo0 1878 days ago

EunHae For Ever ♥

Love Ya ♥

GitaMA_MV 1910 days ago

the reason why I like you is when you're dancing.
it was amazing oppaaaaaa !

Yuzuki_13 1919 days ago

xD He seems to be kidding on you!! So funny EunHae moments~ ♥♥♥♥♥

RiemIsNuebe 1920 days ago


Joker961226 1929 days ago

Cute oppa dancing *--* DongHae oppa looks like a pervert XDDDDD *-* ♥

RiemIsNuebe 1947 days ago

dancing bonamana?hahahahaha!❤

phooggs 1949 days ago


BeeLoveEunHae 1977 days ago

EunHae, I love you, all. ~♥~

Yesaii 1987 days ago


hyahLee 1991 days ago

super like!!!lol

Hejoo4 1995 days ago

I love you #ArabELF KSA ♥ ♥ ♥

sujujust 2015 days ago

nice oppa

GitaMA_MV 2016 days ago