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2165 days ago


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chrsilee 1971 days ago

did you take a photo of yourself sleeping? ..................................

jinthedude 2105 days ago

you dishonored our family, wake up kevin´╝ü

suz4444 2118 days ago

u look sooo damn sexyy!! hehehe...

fueledbybrenda 2127 days ago

hehe, that happens alot to me

tiffanynnguyen 2147 days ago

Mom/dad voice- "kevin wakeup!" "you, you sleep too much!" "my son don't sleep!"

lol funny....

jenifercandance 2155 days ago

nice pic! LOL

ikare_x 2163 days ago

keh-vin qi lai la

martinios 2164 days ago


melmel268 2165 days ago

lol! that's funny! I should put pics on here!!!

Peter_Hoang 2165 days ago

hahah nice :D.... half oh his brain is asleep, but the other half commanded his other hand to take out his phone and took a photo :))

LindsLUNATIX 2165 days ago

Maybe his arm is made of metal, or its like balder than a bald mans head xD

jenessacc 2165 days ago

hey Linds, maybe he waxes! ROFLOL , just keedingzz

LindsLUNATIX 2165 days ago

I've never noticed your eyelashes before bahaha. Shiny arm you have there.

v12345c 2165 days ago

Kev wasn't acting. he had a condition called sleep-pic-taking. lol. it's kinda similar to sleep-walking, except the person uncontrollably and subconsciously took pictures during his sleep. haha

v12345c 2165 days ago

lol your professor was good at curing insomnia. the other guy next to you could barely keep his eyes open. sleepiness might be contagious...

aznroseeyes 2165 days ago




Weasy35 2165 days ago

haha, u seem sooo interested =p

Lovelless 2165 days ago

I do the same thing in my science class :p

joshluna 2165 days ago

what an actor.