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blissfulting 2258 days ago

yay 6 stages. we just learned this in AP psych.

gumby17 2271 days ago



i swear to god we learned this last year and now we're learning it again in AP lit (i'm a senior)
if i have to write one more paper on what level the main character of this novel is it...i just might kill mys

evidentemente 2273 days ago

psychology ftw!

martinios 2276 days ago


tinaxmitsuko 2276 days ago

That is exactly what I learned today. We did this experiment on these little kids. My class had a lot of critisms on the theory.
Dang. I love Psychology. :)

v12345c 2277 days ago

.... however, kohlberg's theory of moral development is a cure for insomnia.

v12345c 2277 days ago

lol is it general psychology? psychology is generally boring, except maybe the part about schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder, as well as optical illusion, which can be pretty interesting. however, kohlberg's theory of moral development is a

ngocngocc 2277 days ago

this is what you should've done for every lecture and then send it to me so I dont have to come to class.

jenessacc 2277 days ago

gosh that all seems pretty darn conventional if you ask me

Graphyte 2277 days ago

thats hella funny. im going to fail this class because i really dont want to do the experimetrix. you do yours?

steffRECords 2277 days ago

just learned this in psychology last month :]

aileen_ 2277 days ago

i did a subject called "society and culture" in year 11 and that bit was pretty damn boring.

joejonasfan_xo 2277 days ago

I should be keeping my highschool notes on this stuff I suppose!

thefaceoftom 2277 days ago

i'm doing this at school :D

leemdee 2277 days ago

oh gosh, psychology!

reyeuro 2277 days ago

Been there done that, nowadays I'm the one being analyzed however!

roxykai03 2277 days ago

Psychology! nice... good kind of to know.. your lecture halls big