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Just when I thought I couldn't get any uglier

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2435 days ago

Just when I thought I couldn't get any uglier


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ARTshesays_ 2378 days ago

haha you are just amazing!

lucidon 2389 days ago

thank goodness for the helmet, better the cheekbone than the skullbone

MRMPereira 2407 days ago

whoop man, watchout !!!!!

yenrod 2414 days ago

I've always thought you look like Bruce Willis or vice-versa ????

simpsonsports1 2419 days ago

ohhho that chik corinnee vg is ater ya.. any whoo you should hook it up eternally with the most recent chick shes hott! Sizzzle 2 kids are yours from her hot self!

CorinneVG 2421 days ago

Did I already say you look incredibly sexy here? Yes, yes I did. Good luck in the Lux this week. Cant wait to see you kick ass in the TDF! xo

puddleduck1982 2423 days ago

Remember what the Great Bart Simpson once said, Chicks dig scars.

arokalessin 2423 days ago

Don't worry I like horror movies.

LarryBirdy 2427 days ago

My advice: instead of yoga take a couple of boxing lessons in prep for the TdF. Did you see Evans and his right jab.....?

dsrtmtbikr 2427 days ago

PS Oh yea, I`m a girl! :)

dsrtmtbikr 2427 days ago

Scars adds character ... You look great! Maybe even more threatening !!! Go get em Lance

nikparker 2427 days ago

Chic's dig scars

nelson_toledo 2427 days ago

got a scar in the very same place last year after falling from my bike.We can always get a bit uglier :P

vampirestef 2427 days ago

I disagree :-) you always looked great and you always will, trust me!!! ;-)

2oceans1 2429 days ago

My kids say you still a GOOD lookin Dude.

Cora007xyz 2429 days ago

on the other side it still seems often to be just incredible how humans in general can climb with a bike such steep mountains like totay in Giros Time Trial and without also medical help. I could never cycle up such a steep mountain and in this fast times