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I am signing the Queen's guest book in the summer palace while the Queen looks on.

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1828 days ago

I am signing the Queen's guest book in the summer palace while the Queen looks on.


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jaldpru 1824 days ago

You look so pretty n Cool Martha. The Queen is great looking too. Enjoy Malaysia! You'll love it.

fintaib 1825 days ago


Becca4u2 1826 days ago

awwww... pretty pic of you Martha=)

DianaGCLee 1826 days ago

Hv a wndful experience in E Malaysia.I'm sure u wud luv it!Hope u fall in luv with Malaysia n return VERY soon!

DianaGCLee 1826 days ago

Saw you at the Colours of 1Malaysia tonight! You were busy recording all the parades n dances!

sakuraleonelle 1826 days ago

martha glad to know that u r here...ebjoy your trip...hope u found ome good recipe...

onerep5zal 1826 days ago

thanks Martha because visiting my lovely country, MALAYSIA

LadyStarFirst 1827 days ago

two beautiful women of the world......

easzthum 1827 days ago

I'm really glad you could visit us here Martha...I've been following your shows since ages and keep up your good work!!

desireecheng 1827 days ago

Yeah..she looks so warm and nice...but really, she's unfriendly to the locals...sigh...:( A total let down

benuzair 1827 days ago

Simply lovely!

M0hdHaiKal 1827 days ago

hi Martha.. i love and very enjoy your show.. welcome to Malaysia, enjoy it :)

joannekershin 1827 days ago

awesome to have u here,Martha!
i REALLY enjoy your program a lot!
so informative yet fun!:D

nurul_atiqah08 1827 days ago

Hi Martha. I'm u big fan..i really love your show and your so many good things..enjoy ur visit to my country :)

HoneysNY 1827 days ago

Martha & the Queen looks so beautiful =) i like this pic. hope that u had a great time in our beloved country ;) Terima kasih for visiting Malaysia!

walynS 1828 days ago

haha..thats amazing..:)

RyouSmitten2 1828 days ago

Hi Martha. Pretty smiles of you and our Queen. Only if we cd see what u wrote. )

quegee 1828 days ago

Martha's "tatty" blazer is probably worth more than your family car...or both of them.

mainegirl5 1828 days ago

I love the pattern in her dress material:)

Handbagjones 1828 days ago

Martha, I love when your on vacation,you make us all feel like we're there too.Thanks for all the beautiful photos.