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will eventually grow up and get a real job. Until then, will keep making things up and writing them down.

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In which Mr Moffat looks more cheerful and Mr Curtis more debonair. My fingers still cover the episode  title.

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1583 days ago

In which Mr Moffat looks more cheerful and Mr Curtis more debonair. My fingers still cover the episode title.


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katemckinnon 1224 days ago

I love it when Neil has a beard. Infrequent but thrilling.

celticlass1031 1224 days ago

What a lovely pic! Thanks for posting this Neil! How exciting writing this ep must have been!

tadbarker 1224 days ago

Great pic. Not to take away from that, but your hair is amazing! Love it (& the Gaiman Who!) Happy!

sgfvedsfd 1224 days ago


Dakota3766 1573 days ago

Faye let Danny see this!

jeee08 1578 days ago

i want to see it!!

_OM_ 1579 days ago

...Ahhh! The *least* you could have done was told us the title of the damn thing! There's just some things that shouldn't be hidden from the fans!

AzureAlice 1579 days ago

I think the question is this: were you proud of the film adaptation of Stardust?

collierdedward 1582 days ago

Thank you Mr Moffat for including the planets greatest writer, that is next to me...

BayouBecky 1582 days ago

This picture is pure epic win. Seriously, you've no clue how excited I am. Or maybe you do. :)

Aura_is_AWOL 1582 days ago

Find me three more awesome people and I will PAY you to let me meet them.
Have to agree with adamwhitley01!!!

kme_brennan 1583 days ago

*flailing Muppet arms*

whitemonkeygod 1583 days ago to get Northampton's own Alan Moore to write an episode and I'm in Geek heaven

valsadie 1583 days ago

I don't know if it's a showrunner thing or a BBC thing to not reveal an episode title "too soon."

Gafitas4ojos 1583 days ago

I don't know if I can handle this awesomeness.

Liz10_Smith 1583 days ago

Oh c'mon Mr. Gaiman! You're torturing us here and- gah! *spazzes on the floor*

dasiavou 1583 days ago

in my episode of Doctor Who, i reach through the screen and steal the script for your episode of DW

Arwenae 1583 days ago

I'm with stormwolf on this.

stormwolf10 1583 days ago

I think I just.... yep, I just had a geekgasm.

StephanieLantry 1583 days ago

Your hair is definitely best.