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Oh shit. Now this sign. Is somebody trying to tell me something?

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2171 days ago

Oh shit. Now this sign. Is somebody trying to tell me something?


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krystalfaye7 2146 days ago

omg i seen that when i was leaving nashville on thursday... i thought that was kunda creepy..

LoveSwift_ 2160 days ago


nikkis120 2166 days ago

I just saw this I am super late sorry, sweet girl you never need fear your heart is pure and I know your going to Heaven, God Bless You Sweet One!

ocsbabydoll 2167 days ago

haha are you in OKC?

poeticchris84 2171 days ago

There is a town down there called Hell it is very cool

poeticchris84 2171 days ago

Kellie my dear this sign is very real I have been to Hell it is down in the Cayman Islands

KatieBethHoward 2171 days ago

God is just trying to tell you something Kellie. He wants you to serve.

mmk4112 2171 days ago

There is a sign in Ohio heading down towards Cinci that says "Jesus is Real"

RichMalePup 2171 days ago

Kellie .. "Keep on goin' ... you might get out before the devil even knows you're there!"

abaggett8 2171 days ago

If you keep going north on I-65 you'll see a sign that says, "Used cows for sale". Seriously.

karhart27 2171 days ago

Lol kellie you make me laugh!! :) thanks for making my day have nothing to worry about- youre not going to hell! :)

dorothylindsay 2171 days ago

oh shit i love kellie

TraShierst 2171 days ago

theres a Hell, Michigan........ and a Flushing, Michigan....

BoiseJoe 2171 days ago

I just went to Hell last month, but it was on the Grand Cayman Island. I highly recommend that everyone should visit and shake the devils hand and send a postcard to a loved one.

skrunchii 2171 days ago

Haha that billboards in my state one side says heaven is real and then on the other side it says hell is real...

FISHERMANN77 2171 days ago

He already did!!!!!!

claudiaquat 2171 days ago

Hell is just hot sauce you put on your tacos. Live happy. Live free.

_AliceBrandonC_ 2171 days ago

step on it kellie lol

paranagrl123 2171 days ago

step on it kellie!

Philllllipp 2171 days ago

It is probably God tryin' to tell you somthing. Lol. :D