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Riding through Kentucky. Just passed this sign.

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1928 days ago

Riding through Kentucky. Just passed this sign.


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xTreacherous13 1889 days ago

this sign is so true

kimpratt8109 1911 days ago

LOVE these signs ... they always make me smile Yes, Jesus did die for our sins and He LIVES for us!!!!!!!!!

KirstenBergman 1926 days ago

awwh I used to live in Kentucky and used to pass tht all the time(:

KatieBethHoward 1928 days ago

He is coming back real soon for all the believers,unsaved will be damned for thousands of years.

aussies_lover69 1928 days ago

Well then ? Did he or didn't he? That is the question. Kellie it will all be good no worries.

DanielleV1988 1928 days ago

Jesus SAVES!

teiamassengale 1928 days ago

Yes, I know where this is! I'm from Kentucky! Sign says it all!

SCgirl613 1928 days ago

i saw that exact same sign on the way to the Lexington show back in April.

JessLovesCUJB 1928 days ago

YAY!! Glad You were coming through Kentucky! And Thats right he did

Needyounoww 1928 days ago

Amen. He did. I want a sign like that for my front lawn.

LaurenJoy11 1928 days ago

Amen! :)

FISHERMANN77 1928 days ago

Yes-JESUS shed his blood for me and you. Awsome Kellie

janetmclark 1928 days ago

its true!

sebree_girl94 1928 days ago


jim1200 1928 days ago

and I am glad he did. and coming back real soon

FierceQueen 1928 days ago

Oh my gosh, Kellie! I love it!!!

TprsSLP 1928 days ago

Yeah, I think it's right by the adult bookstore

FearlessLove13 1928 days ago

I saw that sign before when I drove through Kentucky too.

michellelynne93 1928 days ago

i really thought it said "jesus died for our signs" hahaha.

jbmatt12 1928 days ago

At least we believe in God in KY! Its on I65 between Etown and BG I think....