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La Cabronita - this guitar is killer. I think this record might be a rock album. Shhhhhhh.

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2220 days ago

La Cabronita - this guitar is killer. I think this record might be a rock album. Shhhhhhh.


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Daphnetweetz 1839 days ago

hmm..more of country feel to me..but I do love it so. xoxo

waggom 1982 days ago

WOW! Nice Guitar for a nice guitarist!

luucyinthesky 2028 days ago


luucyinthesky 2028 days ago


Sory_c 2085 days ago

So beautiful... hermosa!, John come to Argentina! please =)

treycmac 2117 days ago

teach me?

kellyhaskjpk 2118 days ago

r o c k ????

lepetitepoisson 2136 days ago

La Cabronita...meaning little bad-ass girlie...that's right now, ask anyone else.

ArminSolo 2162 days ago

I have the black La Cabronita 2-pickup's a monster guitar.

lizemusic 2176 days ago

looove the cabronita name! hilarious!

lizemusic 2176 days ago

Cabronita... cabroncita... let's called the whole thing off!

kathyymariee 2178 days ago

lol la cabronita.thats a nice name,cant wait for this rock album :)

TheDebauchee 2178 days ago

What the hell is that thing?

jkates 2183 days ago

Do a real bluesy album. You got the chops. You have plenty of time to make pop albums. Give us purists something to write about. Buddy,Albert,BB,SRV,etc you know the drill

aaronmwinter 2183 days ago

Straight up rockin' son.

DarrellWiggins 2187 days ago

you know what i told my friend that your next album might be rock. Because of your Phoenix AZ concert. You had that rock vibe and look that night at the paviallon

thePigOutInnBBQ 2190 days ago

audio would be nice for this one

ghostwhispered 2191 days ago

Ever heard of a strat? JK!!!

rudesob 2191 days ago

Blondes really do have more fun.

mimisvintage 2195 days ago

I want to rock and roll and party everyday????1977