Snoop Dogg


Order #7DaysOfFunk now with me n @DamFunk !!

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2278 days ago


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FaNcY_Huh_ 1808 days ago

oh lawdy help me!!! if u wasnt with such a great women and me with a great man....

TheChangeisme 1961 days ago

Now i know! Santa does exist!

loveyaG 1965 days ago

wow, u look so good! :D

SarahAvlis 2040 days ago

Christmas gift hahahaha :P XD

lippiest 2059 days ago

lol ur soooo cute!!

PTRILLA 2059 days ago

yall need stop lying

WZRD_Astrodanny 2069 days ago


therafa14 2125 days ago

WAZ UP SNOOP! I'm from Brazil

catraalien 2230 days ago

but u r one foine brother...

catraalien 2230 days ago

lol awwww snooop no smoke comin outta the stick lol

rodriguessbruna 2263 days ago

Cool Pic!

LadyTruth01 2263 days ago

I Love this Pic Santa Snoop can you bring me a Bag of that Goodie Good Stuff?

Miri09 2278 days ago

lluv the bling bling on the cap

c83photo 2278 days ago

hoe hoe hoe

tictacsquare 2278 days ago

hushup down below commint fo rizzle!

FaShizy 2278 days ago

you want what for Christmas? This ain't the Polar Express! It's the soouull trainnn! 4shizle