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In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. I was also born.

Been filming for the H2O tour video content. This guy has been rockin Nashville. We call him Mega Me.

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2295 days ago

Been filming for the H2O tour video content. This guy has been rockin Nashville. We call him Mega Me.


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BlownAway07 1877 days ago

haha saw him in REAL LIFE at the concert last night !! it was too funny!

mvlvscofe 2291 days ago

He was awesome!

WyReba96 2291 days ago

Awesome car - I love green :D - okay love the Mega Me as well - haha

nikkis120 2292 days ago

you never cease to amaze lmbo btw love the car sweeeet! plz bring your tour to Calgary for Stampede

chelsac7 2292 days ago

Great Photo!! Hahah where did you get this made?? P.S. Nice car as well ;)

wodin77 2292 days ago

sounds like MEGA ME is getting around...................that cool dude.

AJC1101 2292 days ago

Saw Mega-Me on VA Beach today! Great fun!

denise_deleted 2293 days ago

LOVE THE "MEGA-ME" / Mega-Brad! Rollin in style!

RichBohr 2293 days ago

Nice car! lol

lovespaisley 2293 days ago

Lmao...hahaha love this pic.

wild59 2294 days ago

Why can't I find a hot guy with a cool car like that??

suzdorf 2294 days ago

Brad Paisley....I so love your sense of humor. You are just a hoot!!!

wodin77 2294 days ago

hmmmmmm, he was stuck under Mega Me?

louann2010 2294 days ago

I had a dream about this Mega Me and you were in Halifax doing an interview, and it was standing behind you, and my son pushed it over on you and you were stuck under Mega Me.... Just thought I'd share...

Cyndiloo21 2294 days ago


lauraluvslife 2294 days ago

That is just hysterical!!!!! You are one lucky man Brad, I think your wife is an amazing woman and not just but beautiful! You are an amazing performer and love all your songs!!!!!! Stay Safe! *PEACE & LOVE*

rktmoss 2294 days ago

love it!!!

IvanHBIntTweets 2295 days ago

That Smile don't Convince me . beware from that guy ,maybe today he only rides ur car ..but one morning u will wake up and find out that American Saturday Night is an album by "Mega Me"."stai Attento Brad"(ita) :D Ciao

PamelaheavenWV 2295 days ago

WV Country Cowboy Kid in the BIG city. ;=0

MtlArmyMom 2295 days ago

And people say being a big time country star wouldn't give you a big head, hmph ;-)