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Vienna, I will CUT you. Keep yo' eyes on yo' own meat!

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1685 days ago

Vienna, I will CUT you. Keep yo' eyes on yo' own meat!


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Paige3012 1623 days ago

Lol kick her in tha' face!

angel063 1647 days ago

Haha thats great! :D

supportalexz 1678 days ago

chrisdogan 1680 days ago

lmfaooooooooooooooooo! that's hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

midnightlady6 1680 days ago

Ha! I like that, let the inner Faith take over.

Feli_Dazed 1683 days ago

haha lol

paintedsilver 1684 days ago

omg. you people are stupid. eliza isnt being serious. get some sense of humor, please.

vintage909 1684 days ago

i love Vienna!

vintage909 1684 days ago

I really hope that your comment is meant in good humor.

DNCINGinHEAVEN 1684 days ago

hhahhaah OMG....classic! You go girl! :) xoxoxo

Tresne 1684 days ago

It's alright, I look after you when you come to Aus ;)

candygirl0406 1684 days ago

And to the people who think Eliza's being serious, um she's obviously joking. Get a sense of humor you morons!

Melibolger 1685 days ago

She looks amazed!! You go Eliza!

angelismine 1685 days ago

that what i would say is someone was looking at my man lol

Paige3012 1685 days ago


brewers_rule 1685 days ago

She's just admiring his clapping skills.

chinatowndoll 1685 days ago


camp383 1685 days ago

I like how everyone thinks you were serious when it was clearly a humerous post....which by the way pretty funny.

CaptainDarling9 1685 days ago

i think those guys up the back are looking at him as well, that's a lot of cutting, but i'm sure you can take them all

SanLenny 1685 days ago

dude, come on! No one likes the green eyed monster. haha lol, people look at you all the time and drool, can't have that? hah :D