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better than any award! this is amazing! don't miss the face on the right leg either! #fb

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2293 days ago

better than any award! this is amazing! don't miss the face on the right leg either! #fb


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kingmojopin 2286 days ago

Back off ppl, geez as if any of you could do this.ツ

gs6346 2291 days ago

I'm sorry, but that does NOT look like Dierks. Not at all!!! The artist needs to go back to school, definitely needs more lessons.

Alissa_Grace 2292 days ago

Haha hasellhoff! That's how ugly it is, that it actually looks like hasselhoff! I'm serious! If someone did this 4 me I'd b disturbed lol

marycoleen 2293 days ago

tooooooooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeet gotta love this

AussieStace 2293 days ago

That is AWESOME Dude!!!!! Very original!!!!! ;)

NotContagious 2293 days ago

Why is this little girl wearing a David Hasselhoff t-shirt?

Alissa_Grace 2293 days ago

That's so ugly! Omg its like gangster writing! Ewww!

alluson 2293 days ago

That's just adorable! Now if I put that on, that'd be just plain creepy.

Smilin29 2293 days ago

She's so cute. Is that supposed to be you???

CTcowgirl 2293 days ago

Now that's dedication if I've ever seen it, the face on her leg looks a lot like Chuck Wicks gladly she has your name spraypainted to clarify. Very cute

corgigirl 2293 days ago

Wow, that's a FAN!

_LUANN_ 2293 days ago

= ) That is an adorable lil girl, w/out a doubt! Awesome duds!

Slippergirl2U 2293 days ago

Heheh!!! Cute ~'never saw anything like it!!!

ttbohlmann 2293 days ago

Bit of a young Elvis thing going on there. If only the pj's were black velvet.

kingmojopin 2293 days ago

she's hardcore lol that's awesome! d(*⌒▽⌒*)b

leahluvsdierks 2293 days ago

aww i love it!! She is adorable and that outfit is so neat!!

Abbey_Road_89 2293 days ago

borderline creepy but I'd wear the shirt anyways haha