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Nancy-Ann DeParle is going to use @whitehouse to answer some of @dooce's #healthreform questions - ready now:

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2354 days ago

Nancy-Ann DeParle is going to use to answer some of 's #healthreform questions - ready now:


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Blister1972 2143 days ago

Ginger or Mary Ann? :D

linkinkohl02 2175 days ago

I work for my employer under a temp agency, though I'm permanent. They say they do this for tax reasons. Am I eligible for coverage?

Byrdman49 2257 days ago

My daughter is 24 years old. How soon can I get her back on my medical insurance?

MichaelBearDesc 2352 days ago

As a canadian that lived in the US for 4 years (Cincinati), I would sugest you take a hard look at government managed Hcare. My wife was doomed here in Canada and was saved by the US. God save America.

bumbob 2354 days ago

I've heard some companies are considering dumping their insurance policies all together and just paying the fines that will be enacted against them for not providing insurance. What will be done to combat this if it happens? Would you consider raising the

lorabells3 2354 days ago

If someone already has insurance but not happy w/out pocket exp can they still look at gov't plan?

shineonscotland 2354 days ago

the USDA was due to announce new vitamin d recomendations, in light of the risks with obesity and lets move will this be coming soon ?

amkmyview 2354 days ago

If you lose your job and lose your health insurance and have a pre-existing condition, do you have to wait until 2014 (assuming you're alive) to get into the pool?