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50 Cent in studio today!

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2882 days ago

50 Cent in studio today!


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MELMAC88 2878 days ago

your name is'nt taken from lindsey hughes is it?

alexplawnmower 2880 days ago

Where is the princess, donkey kong?

Kyle_T 2880 days ago

HA, out my league, HA HAaha haahahahahaahahahaha

MissLindsey420 2880 days ago

so angry kyle! maybe because i'm WAY out of your league?

mlh_arb 2881 days ago

Fifty was awesome, made me want to get his music again. What a real dude.

PointBlankJ9 2881 days ago

i have never been a fan of his music but I couldn't believe what a great interview he was. One of those "don't get out of the car till break " guests...even on the replay!

Kyle_T 2882 days ago

ur pic sucks too, slut

Kyle_T 2882 days ago

lindsey420 is a supid smelly cunt
shoot yourself bitch, a least nobody would care

bippity 2882 days ago

that interview kicked ass today. not even voss could ruin that...well...

longinus56 2882 days ago

Opie that was brillant sir

csknoll 2882 days ago

I am so tired of these thinking that since their boy is President, they can come out during the daylight hours!

stupidtom91 2882 days ago

AAAH! i monkey is loose in the studio! quick kill it before it eats Jimmys face!

stupidtom91 2882 days ago

50 sucks! i hate him! O&A are radio gods but having 50 on made me not tune in today

adam_esq 2882 days ago

Radio gold loved it you and fit tie rocked!! I must say that was the best, couple of guys taking about what I love finance an intelligent conversation not just an uneducated cry fest about what you don't know.
keep up the good work

EStikna 2882 days ago

50 is good musically. I can't wait to hear the interview on replay.

MissLindsey420 2882 days ago

if only he could be shot again. and this time, DIE.

kyledrum2002 2882 days ago

Best replay ever on right now. Bobby Kelly, Vos, Jimmy and Ant talking sex addiction.

hordaine 2882 days ago

FiddyCent wit the Blazers hat.. PDX Represent!!

tstlkevanilla 2882 days ago

Great interview!

jafrance 2882 days ago

I'm suprised you guys didn't make him sit on the couch against the back wall. Don't want hiim too close and all.