Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

And just in case @levileipheimer thinks of snaking mine...he has his own pair.

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2350 days ago

And just in case thinks of snaking mine...he has his own pair.


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tuckerphill 2349 days ago

Who cares what they look like as long as they do the job....mind you though...

debra691 2350 days ago


HectorRoman 2350 days ago

These are actually kind of ugly. Good luck though at the TofC!

chicfeminine 2350 days ago

new ID tag?

LarryBirdy 2350 days ago

Looks just like a pair of Air Max's to me. And I hate Air Max's!

samuelrounce 2350 days ago

You DO know that the US has the biggest unpaid labour force in the world? Who dya think makes your licence plates(+ other assorted stuff)

BelizeanCyclist 2350 days ago

Shoes are ugly! Ppl quit asking lance questions he won't respond! Be honest and say how ugly mismatch color these are n quit kissing this guy's butt! Geez!

JayTButler 2350 days ago

Pretty nice. STUBOTNYC needs to chill.

mebaa 2350 days ago

I love those and would love a pair in a woman's size!!

suzzi4u 2350 days ago

Wow, really like it! When does your cycling shoe come out?

chrisott 2350 days ago

Hey StuBotNYC, you should lighten up. Just admit they're nice looking shoes.

StuBotNYC 2350 days ago

Lance, Nike was one of the first american brands to use asian slave style labor that would never fly here in the USA; you have the voice, make them listen and not abuse poor people to make the goods they charge full outrageous price for. Your bike, helmet

jaowen 2350 days ago

do you guys write your name on the inside of your jackets too?

dylanwpeters 2350 days ago

these are sick

SassyStew 2350 days ago

Wicked ! I need a pair that say Sassy on the LT and Stew on the RT

Turro_Coussint 2350 days ago

Very badass, congrats!

ptrkL 2350 days ago

... do those come in girls' sizes? ...

dspencer297 2350 days ago

haha where's levi's name?