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Backstage in Buffalo with Van Hagar. I was in a fraternity....MAN!

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2645 days ago

Backstage in Buffalo with Van Hagar. I was in a fraternity....MAN!


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aholecop 2634 days ago

so all these guys picked-up marshmellows with there asses? gay

arteest 2637 days ago

You're wearing the shirt of the band you're going to see? Don't be that guy.

ELeBoeuf 2640 days ago

speaking of bad sweaters, what the hell is hagar wearing. yikes.

cracksbacks 2643 days ago

Is that Valerie Bertinelli giving you a wedgie???

nebraska_nick 2644 days ago

ohhhhh, the 80's suck.........

J_PotterComedy 2645 days ago

Hey Opie! Working in Buffalo radio with Shredd! Awesome seeing pics of when you were here!

iamodie 2645 days ago

whats up with the run dmc pose !!

solarentity 2645 days ago


smiteboy 2645 days ago

Nice cameo by Matthew Sweet and a young Oliver Stone...back and to the left!

drb715 2645 days ago

Why do I smell a fart mixed with marshmellows.....lingo ldfjSDFnb

rdwing19 2645 days ago

Wheres Alex Man

Tangledweb 2645 days ago

Sammy is looking to the left. Bet he's wondering how fast he can make to that door

Lady_Trucker 2645 days ago

Congratulatings Opie! Sammy Hagar has a worse sweater than you! You're off the hook MAN!

JonnyFairplay 2645 days ago

why does sammy hagar look like me?

JayFarbs 2645 days ago

It was nice of that geeky kid on the right to bring his mother

Taos22 2645 days ago

What frat? I felta delta?

StuFromOtown 2645 days ago

Did you caress your own shoulder the rest of the day, thinking of Sammy's hand?

JesseFromCanada 2645 days ago

did you still have marshmallow residue in your asshair in this pic?

MitchInTexas 2645 days ago

Op needs to be holding a burger like "Kips"

gordongetgo 2645 days ago

was the fraternity "Phi Kappa Mullet"?