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My old friend and the star of Gary Unmarried...Jay Mohr at WNEW.

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1976 days ago

My old friend and the star of Gary Unmarried...Jay Mohr at WNEW.


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aholecop 1964 days ago

java log buddies......... top and bottom

techhead44 1966 days ago

What's with the hand?

alexplawnmower 1972 days ago

Ace and Gary ginger edition

joe7576 1974 days ago

Damn I just saw that dude on TV

FlyTechGuy 1974 days ago

Too bad that wasn't Nikki behind you instead. EL-OH-EL!

cranie 1975 days ago

Are you naked in that reflection Op? This isn't Ebay ;)

spikeschilde621 1975 days ago


MelissaY1 1975 days ago

You can see your hands in the reflection of the glass...aw, wearing the wedding ring like a good boy. Congrats to you both again!

smiteboy 1975 days ago

Jay Mohr's got the hottest wife in show-biz, so he doesn't CARE if you touch his man-boob. He's that secure in his masculinity.

trevorburk 1975 days ago

Wow ops a lot shorter than I thought

loganfield 1975 days ago

GET MOHR BACK ON THE SHOW!!!!! Also, kill David.

duckweedmafia 1975 days ago

Even cardboard standup Jay Mohr is better than no Jay Mohr. Mr. Mohr is an incredibly funny guy.

RTG623 1975 days ago

Nice try Opie, that's obviously a cardboard standup of Jay.

Lady_Trucker 1975 days ago

Oooh Opie's a titty man. Fluffy poofy jackets.

docgoblin 1975 days ago

Gary Unmarried is hilarious... Too bad they put it up against American Idol. I hope they give it a chance.

Angelswatch 1975 days ago

no homo

IceBoxMN 1975 days ago

It has to be said... Gary Unmarried is hilarious and Jay Mohr is the s**t!

njscoundrel 1976 days ago

Was this before or after you guys shot the meatspin video?

njscoundrel 1976 days ago

Nice mushroom cap haircut Ope. Whoof, do you guys look fruity.

jackiedavala 1976 days ago

lesbian features on Op and Mohr is hot