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Oh heeeeellllll nah:

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2354 days ago

Oh heeeeellllll nah:


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lyssa710 2353 days ago

those people are fucking insane

leslita_mo 2353 days ago

HAHA!! I feel the thrill!

TwinnJE 2353 days ago

Wow that is some real bs right there -_-

MikaNicoB 2353 days ago

That's ridiculous! Even the guy holding the sign looks embarrassed! " am I gonna have to be with this bitch for eternity?"

niadanger 2353 days ago

Sorry, but they're in for banning the population of America. I swear to god I'd Start a fucking mosh and show these bitches what's good.

niadanger 2353 days ago

This is fucking hypocritical. What, are they gonna hold shit against artists?!

carpediEMILY 2354 days ago

oh, and a grill. i'll definitely need a grill.

carpediEMILY 2354 days ago

i want walk into one of thier little pow-wows wearing a bikini and a witch hat, with a beer in one hand and a joint in the other. tattoos and all. and possibly have my arm around another nearly naked girl just for effect... and ask if i can join.

therealTazman 2354 days ago

im just about every single one of those ;). its also funny i screamed @ one of these people the other day. haha stupid Christians

latesherxo 2354 days ago

What is wrong with rock n rollers and punk rockers WTF IS THIS?! Thats no right.

OlgaMG4 2354 days ago

All have to say to these two is what my friend Elizabeth wrote on Facebook earlier: "You're entitled to your wrong opinion"

KayTeeG 2354 days ago

uhm they should smoke some pot

rainjewel 2354 days ago

So they pretty much exiled every human being that ever existed. Way to go winners! *Sarcasm*

BellaTFT 2354 days ago

ok that is fucked up so i will have a drink for these fucken losers :)

LadyCougar4TFT 2354 days ago

i dk what else to say cause THAT right there is judgemental

gamergirltamara 2354 days ago

Wow, this is what creates hate and violence

thatscraptastic 2354 days ago

wtf? is this for real? fucking stupid

srslysylviaa 2354 days ago

really folks? it's sad that this is how some people really feel.

Fasyarawr 2354 days ago

wth! there is nothing wrong being punk-rockers

hoodieweather_ 2354 days ago

ignorance much?
that is seriously disgusting.