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Co-Founder and CEO of Milk Inc (@milk). Founder of @tea drinker.

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2438 days ago


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krisztii 2437 days ago

pretty sure Android came after 3 generations of the iPhone. new iPhone releases every summer. nothing to brag about lol. Liking how you can verge all your games in one folder. that's how i organize my pages. can't wait to upgrade my 2nd gen.

mattshubat 2437 days ago

lol 113 messages... looks like it's time to change the old phone number

TeQ 2437 days ago

Hah no digg app? I uninstalled it also.. Let's get some comment support in v2

Suffolk757 2438 days ago

Wow. Looks like another feature I've been using since Android 1.0.

Pixel__Pro 2438 days ago

113 messages lol wow

bradaus 2438 days ago

cool man cant wait for new iphone

CaliforniaKing 2438 days ago

lol, signal is "searching"...AT&T sucks

andyalmeida 2438 days ago

cute girl, Kevin

DJBobbyRios 2438 days ago

- thats hilarious. :)

DJBobbyRios 2438 days ago

Apple just takes it and puts a new twist on it. Go to Cydia and look for this: "OverBoard" & "Orbit" & "Categories". - I dont know why Apple just wont give up and team up with Cydia already. guess they want to take over the world. beware of

DJBobbyRios 2438 days ago

Thats because Apple took the idea from Cydia. many of the things Apple comes out with such as this, really come from Cydia released applications by Cydia user developers. They just don't want to admit it because they are way too proud to do that. Apple ju

paul_miller 2438 days ago

Welcome to android 1.0 may we help you?

jacksongarrell 2438 days ago

"Searching..." Have to love AT&T! Although, this looks gorgeous. I am excited.

weeniewawa 2438 days ago

looks almost like a Cydia iphone

tylermillage 2438 days ago

Me likey.