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My horrible sweater pics have inspired others to send pics in. Here's our very own Stuntbrain.

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2882 days ago

My horrible sweater pics have inspired others to send pics in. Here's our very own Stuntbrain.


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MikeLops 2880 days ago


FlyTechGuy 2881 days ago

Stuntbrain in Zubaz. Why does this not surprise me?

heatherewf 2882 days ago

Fuck SB in the ass, I hate that douche! I'd like to winnow his face down with my foot.

ladyz0e 2882 days ago

A zebra shouldn't die for such horrid, horrid style. Also, REEEBOK. right there! On my shirt! I'm SAYING something!

MrIndieDay 2882 days ago


smiteboy 2882 days ago

First he's in John Landis' INTO THE NIGHT and now this.

trevorburk 2882 days ago

Wow nice wig stunty

tessty 2882 days ago

Stunty has hair!!!

Lady_Trucker 2882 days ago

Zubas RULE. Stunt brain us Curt Russel your Dad?

christhetrucker 2882 days ago

wow and I thought opies stone washed jeans were bad

jimt65 2882 days ago

I didn't know stuntbrain was on Full House!

treefortrichard 2882 days ago

At least he found a 'before' picture for the hairloss

rexdart936 2882 days ago

are those stone washed zebra pants? nothing says "i'm a raging homo" like zebra pants.

gordongetgo 2882 days ago

"i have a picture with Steinfeld... no, no, no STeinfeld not Seinfeld" *sigh* how many zebras died to make those pants?

Lambo_LM 2882 days ago

Was that taken right before u 2 went to bed?

jackiedavala 2882 days ago

ahaha track jackets and zebras...

RonPugDog 2882 days ago

Love the Zubaz, I still own 3 or 4 pair of those!

Krystalclear 2882 days ago

omg! Did you grow up in Ra-vearr [revere], MA?!? too funny!

stuntbrain 2882 days ago

Guilty as Hell. More douchey photos on my twitted account, follow STUNTBRAIN and trash at will.

RATTFINKSTER 2882 days ago

"Jesus Christ on a pony!!!"