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Opie from opie&anthony on SiriusXM. Love making videos. Youtube channel - opieradio Also major video contributor for MyBlockNYC

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Taking a quick breather while the commercials play.

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1974 days ago

Taking a quick breather while the commercials play.


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aholecop 1962 days ago


MikeLops 1971 days ago

so i take it ur close to Essex House

docgoblin 1973 days ago

Wow, it's just like the view from my office... Uh, no wait... My office overlooks a cemetery...

Angelswatch 1973 days ago

bet ya anything you have a 500x telescope set up there scopin out the babes

rexdart936 1973 days ago

hope that's bullet resistant glass. are you supposed to be near the windows? hoo hoo they're trying to kill me.

letchadan 1973 days ago

Great view... i hope the new place as a view that good.

csknoll 1973 days ago

How many foreclosure signs can you see?

griffs24 1973 days ago

He had to do it, he was left with no choice.

cowboypolo 1974 days ago

You guys are so lucky

rizzlerazor 1974 days ago

nice view!! enjoy!!

BillGammon 1974 days ago

The infernal commercials. "I really like mah laptop". Jesus, could they make the slightest effort.

trevorburk 1974 days ago

Looks like you will be smelling feet

BrianHanscom 1974 days ago

sucks having to record then listen after 3pm each day.. but at least I hear it uncut

kebba34 1974 days ago

Hows the new car boss, Lyndsay warmed up yet??

jackiedavala 1974 days ago

Must be nice boss

OandA_Pest 1974 days ago

Op, you would have been a pussy if you didn't do that. Nice job.

MitchInTexas 1974 days ago

Would Ant except the Calvin Klein underwear that Marty wore.

ronreddog 1974 days ago

Where is the naked chick?

truckerglen 1974 days ago

I'm 5 minutes behind on the show looking forward to the hang up oh there it was lol great

MikeWren2009 1974 days ago

Well done, black ninja