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Here's my "Fiend of Miltonius" armor design. Some of the items I've posted are not released yet.

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2328 days ago

Here's my "Fiend of Miltonius" armor design. Some of the items I've posted are not released yet.


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Renez_AE 1478 days ago

please make this set come to Oversoul!!!

Renez_AE 1478 days ago

if i cant get it for aqworlds, ill get it in oversoul!

PropheticDuck 1512 days ago

Did anyone else read that as "AQWdildo" and notice how Shadow Spear doubles as an eight-foot cock?

kko1991 1547 days ago

bring it back 2 aqw!

CarnagainaAE 1963 days ago

Today, its been a year since you released this. :)

AQWdil001 2148 days ago

I got fiend aswell and shadow spear i luv it

nico0lasaqw 2182 days ago

i dont rlly care bout armor. WHAT ABOUT THE KNIVES!?!?!?!?!?!

DishOfRice 2187 days ago

Release those Reapers lol.

Nihilmus 2190 days ago

Can someone please tell me what's the damage balance of the reapers and with what enhancement?

abelnistor 2190 days ago

make thoseversionsof the nunholies non member my member 1's rmaking me nervous if i loes my mem

Nihilmus 2194 days ago

This is my favourite armor from your brad so far. I would even pay real money or battleon pts for it

AQWElderBrother 2199 days ago

When will those animated like GOD REAPERS be released? Oblivion Blade owners are looking forward to it

Eliom22 2199 days ago

holy mother of god

TheRealSlarick 2219 days ago

will those be released as an upgrade to the current ones?

Muzzafuzzaz 2220 days ago

Ps3rookie you couldve just said void breed orbs instead of all tht XD

Ps3rookie 2227 days ago

Woa those sycthes are cool but just one question why did you make oblivion of miltonius, blood orb, shadow orb, primal orb, fiend orb and arcane orb rare?

1c3AE 2228 days ago

When would you predict you'll be releasing these so called "Deity Reapers"?I looking forward to them.

DarkKuree 2233 days ago

OMG I just love this greater version of unholy

ShadowmanAQW 2250 days ago

I love your morbid, brooding style. adds some darkness to AQW

iSkater66 2252 days ago

When will these be released? i was really looking forward to overpowered reapers... :3