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Here's my "Hex of Miltonius" armor design.

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2480 days ago

Here's my "Hex of Miltonius" armor design.


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kko1991 1698 days ago

dam i missed it i want them back in aqw!

God_Of_Arcane 2025 days ago

This so needs to come back one day... Along with everything else.

RetrocidoNegro 2348 days ago

Sigh. Its horrible i couldnt get Hex in time. Such a great armor, truely.

daudtuhdd 2403 days ago

Its staff from blood orb?

Syrtees 2466 days ago

The helm adds a nice touch, but do you think you can have a version minus the horns?

MM_AQW 2474 days ago

The helm looks like artwork from ED...

SSJ4Gohan 2475 days ago

Just got Hex. How will we get the helm? Hard Quest?

MagnetarMatt 2475 days ago

If i only could get it i wouldnt want to change to another armor for months...

Ryuyasha 2476 days ago

Thats exactly what I look like without the helm and staff colors. Any ways will you be able to get the helm by doing another quest from the Arcane Orb?

LoreDSL 2476 days ago

That caster is pretty neat.. BTW it's void.. Not evil!!!

theGERARDwithaR 2476 days ago

some caster are evil

VampireMax 2478 days ago

Is shadow not gettin the original idea?

Chakarys 2478 days ago

Very good, made for evil wizards muahahahahaha

VampireMax 2479 days ago

Godlike O,..,O

MEGALUS 2479 days ago

Thats the best necrotic armor yet!

ultrawow66 2479 days ago

this is getting really epic

HSsai 2479 days ago

cool change but i still want blood of miltonius ;D

AQW_Serpente 2479 days ago

This one is the best! >=D

MrKirbyXIII 2479 days ago

Nice setup. The staff = blah. The armor = whatever. The helm = Nice!

MM_AQW 2479 days ago

Nice helm, Milt.