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Actress on A&E's Gene Simmons Family Jewels, Budding Socialite, Singer and Future Computer Engineer xxox

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2445 days ago


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allesegretti 2444 days ago

Hey!? *tear pout* sad to hear the news Sophie.

TDMOLINARI 2445 days ago

So sorry Sophie,we know how hard it is,our pets are part of our family too.I like to think they are in heaven playing with their families ,playing and happy.And someday we'll all be together.Take comfort in knowing you gave her love and gave her a happy l

natasha44 2445 days ago

i am sorry for your loss sophie i lost my uncle pete three weeks ago so i know how you feel sorta

ChrissyLoco 2445 days ago

aw poor's never easy losing a loved one..

HannahMatthau 2445 days ago

aww sorry again :( wish I could give you my cat instead lol :(

LuvNKisses4Kiss 2445 days ago

That sucks when you loose a pet you love :(

SONOFSIMMONS 2445 days ago

again so sorry for your loss.

SynysterKate16 2445 days ago

i'm really sorry about ur loss

Ice_Cold_Me 2445 days ago

Im sorry for your loss

laughlots10 2445 days ago

I am so sorry, another angel.....

ninguno33 2445 days ago

Quod sileo defungo.(Latin)

lisacarolquinn 2445 days ago

What I was trying to tell you is my (sister) killed my two cats! She told the wrong person. Antifreeze. It takes a demonic evil person to do this. Their names we're CC kitty and socks. They were in perfect health too! I can't help but hate her!

Amosotis11 2445 days ago

Oh Sophie! It brings it all flooding back when you receive the ashes! Thinking of you...

lisacarolquinn 2445 days ago

Oh Sophie, what a wonderful heart you have dear! It breaks my heart for you.My brother and sister are terrible alcoholic and pill poppers. I moved in the house with them because we all three own it. Gift from Dad who died in March! They were everything to

BobRain 2445 days ago

RIP kittie

MusicLvnBaba 2445 days ago

:( sorry doesnt seem to say enough, but I do know how you feel, we too just lost one of ours last winter.

kingdave209 2445 days ago

Dangg sucks to loose some one close!... : (

ayresfam 2445 days ago

Sophie, I am so sorry! I lost my 2 cats in a housefire last year. It is a hard time!

AngelsnHellfire 2445 days ago

Awwww Sophie I am sooo sorry about your loss

FatherWizard 2445 days ago

So sorry for your loss.