Jim Carrey


Actor Jim Carrey!

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1906 days ago


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Hankil_Park 1826 days ago


Lopebeat 1837 days ago

You're crazy, but I also!!

RachaelMomOf3 1844 days ago

ur funny :) and very random arnt you :)

diavolul13 1845 days ago

You're crazy, you know that? I love it

Mouwze 1854 days ago

Fire. (smoke-bush ??). Gill. Wales. UK

guitarsean 1859 days ago

Yes, we know God. But can u tell Jim Carrey to come back to Twitter. We all miss the guy and his art

lspearman1 1887 days ago

I know you make good signs. You can do anything Jim Carrey!

KathleenParkes0 1892 days ago

is this the voice of God?

Jenpasour 1897 days ago

it moved Jim lol

ginnysmind 1903 days ago

without our laugh .you would be nothing

BirdsFliii 1903 days ago

WHO is "I" ????????????????

BirdsFliii 1903 days ago

WHO is "I" ????????????????

BirdsFliii 1903 days ago

WHO is "I" ????????????????

brainwarps 1904 days ago

What did you do under there?

gordvass 1904 days ago

Nice slogan for #BOING franchises..

Twetriz 1905 days ago

You are something!

romie_loves 1905 days ago

oh jim, you are my god.....!!! BOIIIIINNNNNG!

lspearman1 1905 days ago

For someone who some say has nothing to do you sure do have a lot going on just back from NYC got a beautiful garden and home and if you do it all that's a job in it's self I just wish I was famous and rich and that kind of nothing to do. Can I get a BOIN

leslymill 1905 days ago

Do you write the songs that make the whole world sing????

lovelytanu 1905 days ago

u r everything.... I have... :*